How It Works

Sell to us! Trade in your favorite pieces from last season so that someone else can love them as much as you did.. and trade up to the next purchase you've been coveting! DS takes all the worry and aggravation out of the process.




Submit as many items as you wish using our CREATE NEW LISTING form. Fill the form out just as you want the listing to appear on the site, with as many details as possible (brand, style, condition, dimensions, price, original retail value- if avail, etc). Then upload up to 8 photos of the item. DS will review the listing and contact you with any questions. Once it's approved by our staff, the listing will go live within 24 hours. You ship the item to us at your cost to be authenticated only when/if it sells and we will provide a UPS shipping label. If you self-submit you pay no list fee, and you keep 75% of sales price.*


Create Your Own Listing



If you are cash rich and time poor, hand everything off and let us do the rest! We will send you a pre-paid shipping label via email. You put your stuff in a box and send it it off. We will send you suggested pricing. If you agree, that's it... end of story (until you get a check in the mail).** There is a slight premium for this service. Contact us to see if your items qualify at: or 888.802.2125 or simply fill out our consignment form by clicking the button below.

Request Concierge Service

We also buy certain Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta,Chanel, Hèrmes and Louis Vuitton pieces upfront (prior to listing), and will quote a price for these items after reviewing the submitted form and/or speaking with you personally.


* Regardless of how you decide to sell, your buyer has 7 days from receipt of item to inspect and/or return (with our security tag in place). Payments are sent to sellers at the end of that time period.

** Items are offered for sale for a maximum period of twelve months. It is seller's responsibility to request return of unsold merchandise before that time. Items remaining after a period of 24 months are considered "abandoned" and will be donated to charity. Use of site constitutes agreement to our terms of service.